Website Hosting: Managed Service

Website visitors have become increasingly impatient. Today, nobody can afford hosting a website on a cheap or slow server.

What are your options?

When it comes to hosting your website, we offer you two options:

  • you can host with us on one of our high-speed servers or
  • host with a hosting company of your choice.

What is included in our Hosting Services?

We offer Manged Hosting for clients who do not want to be involved in technical details, like updating plugins, making sure that your site is protected against hackers, creating email accounts etc. Annual hosting fees include a limited time for free changes to your website. We also monitor the search engine rankings of your site, set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.
We make sure that your technology is up-to-date, protected from hackers, and keep an eye on your site. All that for the price a few dollars above a standard hosting plan. Services beyond this are billed according to our rate plan.

We offer as options Cloud Services, SSL Certificates and dedicated IP addresses. Our servers are located in the USA, we have experience with hosting in Europe and China.

Note that if you choose Managed Hosting, you will not have admin rights for your site and access to the cPanel of the server.

If you prefer your own Hosting Company

If you choose to host with the company of your choice, please make sure that you choose a reliable company that has free 24-7 chat and phone support.

We emphasize the chat option because it is the best way to show information like error messages or screenshots of errors. We do not recommend hosts with e-mail only support.

The standard technology for shared hosting is Cpanel, it is being used by the majority of hosts.

I am so pleased with both the process and the final product!

Thank you so much! The website is amazing, and I am so pleased with both the process and the final product. You have been outstandin… Read more
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