Managed Hosting With All the Bells and Whistles

Who Will Maintain Your Site?

When we built a site for you, we give you two choices:

1. Use a Hosting Provider and Account of Your Choice

This means we do not bear any responsibility for the technical health of your website.
However, you may hire us for maintaining your website, making sure it is secured and technically up to date. This may or may not include an amount of changes performed to the content. Please contact u for a quote.

2. Host the Website With Us and Leave the Technical Details and Responsibility to Us

More than 90% of our clients use this option. The first year is free. It includes that you receive Editor access to the website, after a highly recommended introduction to the page builder and WordPress technology.

Why Are We Doing This?

Modern database driven websites consist out of a core software (like WordPress) and several additional pieces of software called themes and plugins. All are frequently updated to address improvements and bug fixes. The greates threat however, comes from hackers that examine the software and perform security breaches, resulting in hacked websites. We keep a close eaye on security bulletins that identify must-update plugins, themes, and WordPress versions and perform them ASAP.
Since we bear responsibility for the technical health of your website, we need to control the type of plug-ins used on your site. Unfortunately, there is no middle ground in this.

What About the cPanel?

Also the server control panel access remains in our hands only.