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You want to have a website? There are things you should know.

So You Want To Have A Website...

This is what you need to know

There were times when “getting a website” to promote your business was an easy thing to do. All you needed was a site, a few keywords, the right meta tags, a simple domain name, and your site was in the top ten on Google. Times have changed. While creating the site itself has become easier, being found is not. The Internet has exploded and competitors are plenty.

This article is meant to clarify what you’re running into, what to expect, and how to navigate through this.

Here is how to start:

What and who am I up against?

Browse the Internet for local competitors and their sites. Learn what is missing and what and where you can do better.

What is my niche?

Understand that the most important thing about a website is to be found.
The most beautiful site is worth nothing without visitors. Your business will depend on Google and how it is listed in search engine results. For that, you need to have wording and terms that relate directly to what you’re doing. In the end, you want to have targeted traffic on your site – people who are searching for your specific type of product or services.

Content is King!

Your content should be unique, don’t copy and paste from other sources. Google sees everything and will penalize you! Estimate minimum 400+ words per page, better 800. Even better 1000.  The Internet works in niches, and you want to be one of the first in your niche. You want to attract those who are looking for your particular type of service or product. Be patient regarding the listing on Google. A well-optimized site will crawl its way up, setbacks are bound to happen.

Remember the 50% visitors are on iPhones…

First, your site needs to be mobile friendly. Almost half of the traffic to a website is coming from iPhones and other smartphones. Those devices require a specific layout. Mobile friendly websites can have a call button that allows visitors to call you directly.

Usability: Don’t make me think!

Second, make sure that your navigation is simple and easy to understand. One of the most important books about web development is “Don’t make me think!“. There is a whole industry out there that deals with visitor flow and conversion rates. Even the color of a button can make a huge difference, also the images show the services without reading a word. Rule of thumb for the time when a visitor decides to stay or leave: 2-4 seconds.


Yes, it’s that far down the list!
In the end, you decide between a box classic box design (like a sheet of paper on background) or a full-width layout.  Modern web design is full-width image oriented, mainly with punch lines on top. The images tell the story, so high-quality images are a must. Make sure that you own the license for the images. Vendors like Getty Images have search engines that are crawling the web. Getty even has a legal department that is fining violations of illegal use.

What about Social Media?

It depends on your type of business and how much you want to engage. Listings on Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are a must for local businesses. But be careful with advertising on Yelp. Our experience: a click can be $1 today and $11 tomorrow.

What about Facebook?

Facebook is a kind of Internet in itself. Some people do not even have a website, they rely on a Facebook page for their business. This all depends a lot on the industry you are in.

Online Advertisement

Most likely a new site will not rank well in the first weeks, maybe months. You may need to use paid advertisement on Google or Facebook to drive traffic to your site.

Ok, what are the costs?

With so much advanced technology around, a well-optimized site does not have to be costly. Have a look at our portfolio and our distributor sites. Calculate a One-Pager to be around $500 including one year hosting and domain. An online store with 10-20 items is likely to be somewhere between $1000 and $1500. 

Sedona Website Design has done a wonderful job over the past 7 years providing and updating our website, help with online calendar and bookings, assisting us whenever we run into a snag. Matt is always responsive and helpful. We could not ask for better service.

Pam Marshall
Arizona Natural History Association

Matt has been our web-host for over 6 years and has been responsive and easy to work with in addition to the reasonable pricing. Thanks, Matt!

Brenda Leza
Sedona Community Center

Matt redesigned my website and took it to a whole new level. I am so proud of it. He was responsive, helpful, resourceful, professional, and fun to work with. He went the extra mile in making sure my transition was smooth from my old provider to this new platform. If you are starting from scratch or ready for your site to be refreshed, I highly recommend contacting Matt at Sedona Website Design.

Ami Sarasvati

Top notch service and assistance on helping me get my website up and running. I already have sales occurring and look forward to seeing great results. Matt is not only great at what he does, but he is also a lot of fun to work with as they help get you going. I highly recommend you put them to work for you. You will be happy you did!

Robert Black

Matt has been a huge help in setting up my website. Great service. Creative. A pleasure to work with!

Suzanne Forcese
Author and Distributor

Clean work with an easy-to-follow navigation system. An elegant and appealing layout that encourages my visitors to view more pages on the site. Excellent service in helping out with anything I needed. I would highly recommend it!

Rosella Baroni
Owner, Mystical Bazaar

It has been so pleasant and easy to to develop my website with Matt. Whenever I need anything, he quickly responds and follows up. I recommend him ! Thank you Matt!

Sangita Blognesi
Psychic Reader

Just wonderful. Responds within minutes to any updating needs or concerns. I can recommend Matt wholeheartedly for a professional, elegant website.

Chaya Mueller Bronstein
Massage Therapist and Psychic Reader

Sedona Web Design has provided design service, maintenance, support and hosting for all three of our ventures for over 10 years. Service has always been prompt, reliable and reasonably priced. We have recommend them many times.

Jim Bullock
Events by Showstoppers

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