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About Us

Experience counts.

Celebrating 20+ years in Online Marketing and Web Development

Owner Matt has 20 years of experience in web development, design services, and digital marketing. His career in online marketing started as a Senior Manager at Real Media in Germany in 2000.

Matt moved to Sedona in 2002, primarily working in Computer Support at Sedona Computer Services. He created Sedona Website Design in 2005.

As the founder of, he was the first to offer an alternative to pricey website services of established lawyer directories. He still belongs to the top choices of web designers in Sedona, AZ, even after moving to Santa Barbara in 2016.

Web Design vs Graphic Design

Web Design and Graphic Design are almost two different planets – they  use different tools for the different purpose. We focus on web work. While we are happy to spend some time to create a logo for your website, actual logo design work should be done with someone who is experienced in print design.

Your graphic designer can support us with contemporary design and high quality printing.

This will result in a seamless integration of print and web design so your branding is consistent.