Webmastering and Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is essential. How can we help?

Modern websites are database driven. They are complex structures that allow owners to do some changes themselves without HTML or coding knowledge. With the rising challenges of hackers worldwide, regular webmastering website maintenance has become a Must. Asking a webmaster to help is an option.

Especially platforms like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are targets for hackers. Often enough hacked websites are being used for phishing sites, and these hacked sites are usually being shut down by Google. If you as the site owner are not aware of these dangers, if your contact info is outdated, you might not become aware of this issue until it is too late.

We offer webmastering and website maintenance for affordable rates – performed by us here in the U.S.

We take care of securing the site, apply necessary patches and are immediately there for you when something goes wrong.

What if disaster has happened?

Call us in case your WordPress site has been hacked! We are usually able to restore and secure your site in a very short time.

Webmastering and Website Maintenance

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