Website Redesign – When and How

Redesign when your site looks dated. Depending on your business,  a website redesign should happen every 3 to 5 years. Utilizing Google Analytics is one of the most important criteria for when it’s time to act: Outdated websites typically show less user...

Managed Hosting With All the Bells and Whistles

Who Will Maintain Your Site? When we built a site for you, we give you two choices: 1. Use a Hosting Provider and Account of Your Choice This means we do not bear any responsibility for the technical health of your website. However, you may hire us for maintaining...

Potential You

Potential You presents the courses of Storms Kommunikation GmbH in Germany and Switzerland. Affiliated with the NLP Academy Switzerland, Arpito Sorms covers a variety of courses like Facticity, System and Innovations Coach. Custom built on WordPress....


Tlaquepaque’s in-house wedding florist’s site was launched March 3rd, 2010. Within a week it listed on Google and Yahoo for several key phrases.Custom built on WordPress.

Artline Graphics

Anugito ten Voorde’s unique horizontal sliding website displays his talent as a graphic designer – from business cards over award winning logos to books, posters, trade show booths, advertisements and product labels.

Sedona Mystic Tours

Sedona Mystic Tours is providing guided vortex tours and tours to sacred places around Sedona. It is an additional service of Sedona’s famous metaphysical store Mystical Bazaar. Custom built on WordPress.